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PKM gallery, 《Jungjin Lee : Voice》

15 Jan 2020 - 05 Mar 2020


For the first exhibition of 2020, PKM Gallery presents Jungjin Lee: Voice, a solo exhibition of Jungjin Lee, an artist who is known to have expanded the artistic horizons of fine-art photography through her meditative practices. This exhibition, which is held in two years since her traveling retrospective show, Jungjin Lee: Echo, at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, showcases a selection of 25 photographs throughout the premises of PKM and PKM+. The works on view include the Opening series (2015-2016) of which its natural landscapes portray the artist’s inner self, and her latest series, Voice (2018-2019), which is shown to the public for the first time at PKM gallery.

Traveling the American west, Lee captured the moments of the nature implicitly revealing its primitive state. Her photographs, which involve a process of waiting and gazing until the object reveals its true nature, are meditative, picturesque, and suggestive of eternity that transcends the notion of time. The works in this exhibition entail Lee’s distinctive technique of combining the analog printing on handcrafted hanji (Korean mulberry paper) and contemporary digital printing. Her unique method results in a balance between the visible image and the texture, providing the audience an immersive experience rather than simply allowing them to look at the pictured object.

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