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Nam June Paik Art Center, 《The Future of Silence: When your tongue vanishes》

27 Feb 2020 - 14 June 2020


Nam June Paik Art Center presents a special exhibition, The Future of Silence: When Your Tongue Vanishes from February 27, 2020. The exhibition examines language as spoken and written, as body and mind, as the corporeal and the conceptual, and as systems and cultures. The eight artists explore the phenomena of plunder and extinction of language in the neoliberal society, the relations in understandings and misunderstandings as well as the diversity of nonverbal communications happening outside of letters. At the same time, they reveal the hierarchy and alienation created by the dominant language and the power of language directly connected to human rights as a tool for survival. The exhibition evokes these issues that permeate our everyday life, and thereby sheds new light on the reality and diversity of language, invisible but present.

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