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Madison Gallery, 《Jaehyo Lee : Beyond Nature》

01 May 2020 - 03 July 2020


ⓒ Madison Gallery

Solana Beach, California – Madison Gallery presents noted South Korean artist Jaehyo Lee’s third solo exhibition, Beyond Nature. The artist creates a direct narrative with nature in his innovative approach and creative process. Combining distinct traces of Land Art, Arte Povera and Minimalism Lee’s works cast a questioning eye over the roots of form, its function and its role within the natural world. The sculptures of polished big cone pine, larch, and chestnut act in unison, embodying both natural and manmade forms; they enhance the natural possibilities of the wood, a material with suggestively lyrical qualities. Lee not only makes projects about nature, he also works within nature, so that his sculptures both describe and exemplify the natural world.

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