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22 Oct 2020 - 14 Feb 2021


Before Corona 19 occurred, artists considered their impulsive desires to create art significant, so they did not consider the public appreciation of art sincerely. However, the rampant of Corona 19 and the endless social distancing made artists ponder the social role of art. In a society of severance and isolation, a consensus has emerged throughout the art field that artists have to do something that comforts people even a little. It was the same for museums. They are starting to be interested in creating an exhibition that can be emotionally helpful to mentally exhausted people, abandoning the attitude of deliberately telling difficult stories and taking it as if it was cool to display the esoteric modern art in the exhibition room.

Of course, this changed trend did not appear when CHOI JEONG HWA was first invited to start 《SARORI SARORIRATTA》. However, from February till now, when the exhibition is opening, CHOI JEONG HWA and the museum have been paying keen attention to the trend and sincerely shared concerns about art's role. What is interesting is that CHOI JEONG HWA has always thought that art -- regardless of the Corona 19 -- is connected to the act of anybody knowing, laughing, and having fun. CHOI JEONG HWA, who says that the moment when our 'eyes and mouth wide open' is the moment when his art begins, may have given us the answer to this a long time ago. Perhaps the question and answer thrown in the past are now coming due to Corona19.

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