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LOOP on, 《Move on Asia 2018》,as usual

posted 29 June 2018

Kyubin Cho, 〈Words without Objects〉, Single channel video, 1min 18sec, 2018

Kyubin Cho, 〈Words without Objects〉, 2018. Single channel video, 1min 18sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Venue : Alternative Space Loop
Dates : 15 JUN 2018 - 22 JUL 2018

Contributing Artists:
Wong Ping, Woonghyun Kim, Hayoun Kwon, Kyubin Cho, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Shen Xin,
Quynh Dong, Natsumi Aoyagi, Ryo Hirano, Yuan Keru, Su Hui-Yu, Ahmet Ogut, Baden Pailthorpe,
Yason Banal, Haitham Ennasr

《Move on Asia》had been signatured by Alternative Space Loop(Loop) so far, this year it goes around unreality in context of Asia. The un/ir/reality would be inside of daily life now. It might be crucially enagaged with days we live, whether it is on view or not. However, the white-cube doesn't scrap the key moments in the narrative feasibly.
That is, the narrative is out of the conventioanl words, mind-set and whitecube. Therefore, "the exhibition is an artistic attempt to introduce and understand the complexity and layers behind the concept of Asia which bases itself on cultural heterogeneity." worded by Curator Yang ji yoon(Loop)

In it, the congested melting rumble-humble reality would not be descripted by any single point of view. It is postnational and Hybrid. Plus it shows about after digital. Not the 4th industrial revolution or shining vision to walk forward with tech. Rather neoliveralism it postrays the social structure and daily routine in the skin. Participating artists are not just grumbling with gesture "no." They presents things around them with tools to trick the existed social concret matrix -conventioanlly mean and dull. i.e franchise marketing plan. time-layerd metro scenes(high-rise buildings, ancient Buddhist temples and Asian people wearing jeans and bleached hair, against the background of hip hop music.)

Their reasoning would not meet a single action plan against the unsovled mountainaous questions with us. Rather it murmures and juxtaposes the gigantic neo-capitalism global flow. The exhibition would be delivered the on-going life moments with scattered-modern theme right now. This meaningless of meaningless virtual ir/reality obviously out of white-cube and picture perfect modern plan.

Woonghyun Kim, 〈SHOW ME THE MONEY〉, Online game box, computer, projecter, variable installation, 2018ver.

Woonghyun Kim, 〈SHOW ME THE MONEY〉, 2018ver. Online game box, computer, projecter, variable installation. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Woonghyun Kim, 〈UNREAL(Hellbovine&Pony)〉, Single channel video, 16min 47sec, 2017

Woonghyun Kim, 〈UNREAL(Hellbovine&Pony)〉, 2017. Single channel video, 16min 47sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Hayoun Kwon, 〈489 Years〉, Single channel video, 11min 18sec, 2016

Hayoun Kwon, 〈489 Years〉, 2016. Single channel video, 11min 18sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Korakrit Arunanondchai,〈Painting with History in a Room Filled with People with Funny Names 3〉, Single channel video, 24min 55sec, 2015

Korakrit Arunanondchai,〈Painting with History in a Room Filled with People with Funny Names 3〉, 2015. Single channel video, 24min 55sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Shen Xin, 〈Provocation of the Nightingale〉, Single channel video, 23min, 2017

Shen Xin, 〈Provocation of the Nightingale〉, 2017.Single channel video, 23min. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Quynh Dong, 〈Late Autumn〉, Single channel video, 11min 22sec, 2015

Quynh Dong, 〈Late Autumn〉, 2015. Single channel video, 11min 22sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Natsumi Aoyagi, 〈Incubation Diary〉, Single channel video, 20min 51sec, 2016

Natsumi Aoyagi, 〈Incubation Diary〉, 2016. Single channel video, 20min 51sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Ryo Hirano, 〈Holiday〉, Animation, 13min 46sec, 2011

Ryo Hirano, 〈Holiday〉, 2011. Animation, 13min 46sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Yuan Keru, 〈Fleeting Strangers〉, Single channel video, 27min 10sec, 2017

Yuan Keru, 〈Fleeting Strangers〉, 2017. Single channel video, 27min 10sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Su Hui-Yu, 〈The Walker〉, Single channel video, 19min, 2017

Su Hui-Yu, 〈The Walker〉, 2017. Single channel video, 19min. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Ahmet Ogut, 〈United〉, HD animation, 3min, 2016-2017

Ahmet Ogut, 〈United〉, 2016-2017. HD animation, 3min. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Baden Pailthorpe, 〈Pitch Deck〉, Single channel video, 5min 15sec, 2017

Baden Pailthorpe, 〈Pitch Deck〉, 2017. Single channel video, 5min 15sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Yason Banal,〈Fiesta Filibuster〉, Single channel video, 3min 19sec, 2015

Yason Banal, 〈Fiesta Filibuster〉, 2015. Single channel video, 3min 19sec. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

Haitham Ennasr, 〈New City〉, Single channel & VR game, 10min, 2016

Haitham Ennasr, 〈New City〉, 2016. Single channel & VR game, 10min. ⒸAlternative Space Loop

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