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Yeondoo Jung’s New video within Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

posted 16 Oct 2018

Venue: Various locations in Kiyosumi-shirakawa, Tokyo
Dates: 20 OCT 2018- 18 NOV 2018

《MOT Satellite》 is an endeavor to take the activities of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) outside-into surrounding neighborhoods-while its building is closed for renovation by holding artist exhibits and projects at local shops and historical sites-"To become a narrative."

In this autumn, Yeondoo Jung creates artworks through communication with people. For this exhibition, he has created a film work from his interchange with Kiyosumi-shirakawa area residents. Connecting the diverse memories of people of all generations, he weaves in local culture fostered here since the Edo period to animate a plotless narrative.
It will be presented along with new installations by Aiko Miyanaga, who visualizes the effects of time in a place, and Nozomi Suzuki, who uses photography to evoke the memory reposing in objects.

Kiyosumi-shirakawa-a district crossing old and new cultures. Rich in traditional atmosphere and waterside scenery is left since Edo period, Kiyosumi-shirakawa is currently becoming a lively district of cafes and art galleries. In these environs, MOT has actively presented Japanese and international contemporary art since its founding in 1995. The main exhibits will be installed in 7 "MOT Spaces" established in district hubs and former factory sites.

□ Artists / Project

Yeondoo Jung / Aiko Miyanaga / Nozomi Suzuki / Chika Higashi / Hiroshi Shimura /Dennis Oppenheim from collection of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo [MOT] / Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab., The University of Tokyo × DNP AR Project / Kiyosumi-shirakawa project, Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts / The group of optical illusion block workshop / Noramoji Project / Heartbeat Picnic | J-style wellbeing project (※1) / Tetsuwari Albatrossket (※2)
※1 Talk&Workshop ※2 Theater Performances

Exhibition Area ⒸMOT

Exhibition Area map. photoⒸMOT

More Info:
Homepage http://www.mot-art-museum.jp/eng
Telephone +81 3 5633 5860


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