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Tai-Jung Um Selected for Frieze London Sculpture 2019

posted 22 July 2019


Tai-Jung Um, 〈A Stranger Holding Two Wings〉, 2018. Aluminum, Steel, 92x168x240cm. ⓒArario Gallery.

Tai-Jung Um’s work, 〈A Stranger Holding Two Wings〉 (2018) has been selected for Frieze Sculpture 2019, on display from July 3 to October 6, 2019. Frieze Sculpture, having started in 2005, is the largest and most prominent sculpture project in London and opens annually between July and October in the English Gardens of Regent’s Park. Beginning with the 1967 Prime Minister’s Prize, Tai-Jung Um went on to win the Grand Prize from the Korean Art and Grand Prix, as well as the Kim Se-Choong Sculpture Prize, establishing himself in the first generation of abstract sculptors in Korea. 〈A Stranger Holding Two Wings〉 is a work composed of black linear iron pipes that hold two symmetrical aluminum panels. This work is a representative piece showing the fusion of the longtime experimentation and investigation by an artist deeply immersed in materiality, and his conceptual studies of existence and time.

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