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Lee Seulgi won the Korea Artist Prize 2020

posted 31 Mar 2021

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The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA, Director YounBummo) announces Lee Seulgi as the final winner of the Korea Artist Prize 2020, coorganized with SBS Foundation. Korea Artist Prize, which first began in 2012, is a representative art award program in Korea coorganized by the MMCA and SBS Foundation. Four visual artists/teams who are capable of using innovative aesthetics to address the most compelling social issues of our time are selected, to whom funding is provided for their artistic productions that are then exhibited, and a final winner is announced.

The winner of Korea Artist Prize 2020, Lee Seulgi, has presented Dong Dong Dari Gori, which is an installation work that was inspired by parts of traditional Korean architecture and folklore. The judging committee noted that Lee‟s work is a sophisticated but unique site-specific installation that offers a playful and modern interpretation of tradition.

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