06 April 2021

Neo-sculpture, Conflicting Materials : Newcomers 77, The You..

What is ‘neo-sculpture’, or the sculpture after sculpture, today when sculpture, objet d'art, installation, and performance share 3-dimensional form? This is the question facing young sculptors today. Korea’s young sculptors explore and search for new category and form of contemporary sculpture. They create abstract sculpture using industrial materials such as epoxy, latex, and Styrofoam, and extract monumental shapes from ready-made goods like refrigerators and air conditioners, exploring both the production structure of objects and the materiality of sculpture. Their works reveal a tendency of post-modern ‘recycling of avant-garde art’ such as playful transformation and refreshing application of things. There are also continued attempts to define ‘what makes a sculpture’. They use appropriation of the history of modernist sculpture to remake it into contemporary shape and form or move between the boundaries of flat surface and sculpture, and space and sculpture, expanding the conditions for existence of sculpture. There is also a strong tendency of expressing sculpture as a proxy of humans. A sculpture of enraged body glaring fiercely is a sign of the existence of minorities excluded from society. A sculptural tendency that emphasizes the ‘decorative feature’ as sweet, lovely, lighter, and more fluid objet is another new interest of young artists.

by Art In Culture
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