01 July 2020

Separation or Connection : Interview with WESS

‘Collective’ and ‘Alternative Art Space(신생공간)’ were some of the keywords that sum up the Korean art world in the 2010s. Artists who share similar attitudes or objectives about art gathered and initiated projects. The meetings accompanied spatial matters, which eventually led to the creation of space for various experiments far and wide. By the end of the 2010s, eleven curators who are based in Seoul joined forces and opened a space called WESS(We Show Separate). In their webpage, they reveal that they made this space/platform “to provide a physical space befitting each curator’s activities, as well a site through which to explore the possibility of autonomous and sustainable curatorial practices.” Although it started bearing in mind of temporary management due to the two years of the Korean housing lease contracts, however, it seems to be a positive attitude to ensure flexibility for plans in the future rather than as the difficulties maintaining the place. The first half of 2020 passed, and their first exhibition by curator Sungwoo Kim, <Anamorphose: Depict but Blurry, Distant but Vivid> ended on the 26th of June. Closing their first exhibition and with a quarter of their operating period passed, I requested an interview with the members of WESS to review their activities and catch a glimpse of their plans for their future.

by Jiwon Lee
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