• Hyunjoo Byeon Curator

    Byeon Hyun-joo is currently working as the director of the Exhibition Team of Kukje Gallery, Seoul, where she organizes exhibitions for artists such as Park Chan-kyong, Ahn Kyuchul, U Sunok, and Kwon Young-Woo. From 2011 to 2013, Byeon was an assistant curator at Art Sonje Center where she worked for exhibitions including Simon Fujiwara (2013), ..

  • Ji-An Seo Curator

    Seo began her curatorial career in 2015 at the art collection store Midam at Daein Art Market in Gwangju, and now runs a gallery named Midam at Shinyang Park Hotel in the same city. In 2016, she organized the exhibit Artistic Swordsman Goes to Laos, a travelogue by six artists in 2016, and Endless Tears: Dreams of a Butterfly, an exhibit hosted ..

  • Yooyoung Park Curator

    A French major at Chonnam National University in Korea, Park began her work with an interest in provincial cultures and art projects. In the 2011 Asia Munhwa Maru (Kunsthalle Gwangju), she led part of a performance for an incubating program for young artists titled Nomads on Vacation. This spurred her to join other projects by artists-in-residen..

  • Sookang Park Researcher

    Sookang Park is director and co-founder of AMCompass Inc. (www.amcompass.net), which carries out a wide range of art projects including art market research, publications, lectures and exhibitions. In 2015, she provided information strategy planning (ISP) consulting for the Korean Art Market Information Sy..

  • Sewon Oh Curator

    Oh conceives exhibitions, workshops and farming for the CR Collective supported by the foundation Ilsim. He has diverse experiences in curating parts of crafts and design, interdisciplinary and contemporary art at public museums, and managing artists-in-residency programs, public art and design projects, and educational workshops.

  • Kyung yong Lim Curator

    Lim runs the independent publisher Mediabus and the project space Book Society. After studying film theory and production in college, he began planning, publishing and distributing art books by opening the bookstore The Books on the first floor of Art Sonje Center. Lim is also a senior editor of The Book Society series, which deals with books on..

  • Boram Lim Curator

    Over her long career as a curator, Lim has planned a number of independent projects and exhibits such as Everyday Is Not the Same (2008) in Shanghai; Director’s Cut (2008) in Seoul; Yeomiji Art Project (2009) in Jeju; O’NewWall Mayfest (2013) in Seoul; Site Explorers (2013) in Kumamoto, Japan; Yurang (流浪): Site Explorers (2015) in Seoul; The T..

  • Lucida Kyungmin Lee Researcher

    This art critic and director of the artist and market research team at Meetingroom studied German and English then art history. She worked as exhibition team manager for Gallery Hyundai, where she organized exhibitions and projects from 2006 to 2008; Thomas Struth: Korea 2007–2010, Ai Weiwei (2008), Douglas Gordon (2008) at doART Beijing and Cha..

  • Jen Yeunho Kimjang Curator

    Jen Yeunho Kimjang studied media art and cultural studies. She planned the Seoul International NewMedia Festival (2000–17), which  won the award Arts of the Year in 2005. She was also the director of Media Theater i-Gong and on the review committee of Media City Seoul 2012. Kimjang also taught at the School of Film, TV and Multimedia of Kor..

  • Hyunjin Kim Curator

    Kim is a curator, writer, and researcher based in Seoul. She was Director at Arko Art Center, Seoul, in 2014‒2015 and a co-curator of the 7th Gwangju Biennale in 2008. Her curatorial and interdisciplinary practices consider disparate points of the regional modernity in plural forms. She has curated numerous exhibitions and projects, including Tr..

  • Jay Jungin Hwang Curator

    Born in 1980, Hwang received a BA and MA in art studies at Hongik University, and an MA in culture industry at Goldsmiths University of London. Hwang was a curator of Savina Museum of Contemporary Art between 2003 and 2009, and since 2015, she has been a curator at Project Space SARUBIA (a non-profit art organization founded in 1999). She also w..

  • Eun Kyung Chung Gallerist

    Chung received a bachelor’s in archeology and art history from Korea University and a master’s in Renaissance and contemporary art history from Ewha Womans University. Her undergraduate thesis is titled “Studies on Recumbent Effigies Discovered in Mogao Caves in Dunhuang”; and her master’s thesis was on “Expansion of Genres in the Collage Novels..

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