• Dong-Yeon Koh Critic

    Dong-Yeon Koh received her PhD in art history and a doctorate certificate in film theory from the City University of New York in 2006. After returning to South Korea, Koh worked as a co-director of the Gallery Art 2021 (2008–2010) and served as a critic and mentor in numerous art residencies and museums in South Korea. Her academic and critical ..

  • Dongi Lee Artist

    Born in 1967, Lee received a BFA and MFA in painting from Hongik University. Since 1993, he has displayed works featuring his hybrid character Atomaus in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Korea and more than 10 times abroad. Pieces depicting Atomaus, a composite of the Japanese cartoon character Atom and the Disney icon Mickey Mouse, are..

  • Do-ho Seo Artist

    Born in Seoul in 1962, Seo currently lives in New York and London, though does work in many other places around the world. After studying East Asian painting at Seoul National University, he went on to study at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), then received an MFA in sculpture from Yale University. His works explore the boundaries of th..

  • Dal-jin Kim Archivist

    Kim Dal-jin is director of Kimdaljin Art Research and Counseling and the Kim Daljin Art Museum, editor of the monthly Seoul Art Guide, and director of the Korea Art Archive Association. He has worked in the archives of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (1981--96) and Gana Art Center (1996--2001) and served as vice chairman of the Ko..

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