• Lee Ji Eun Archivist

    Lee Ji-Eun majored in Western painting for undergraduate studies and art history and record management for her graduate studies. Since 2009, she has been working as an archivist at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. She was in charge of several exhibitions and archives linked to exhibitions at the National Museum of Moder..

  • Dal-jin Kim Archivist

    Kim Dal-jin is director of Kimdaljin Art Research and Counseling and the Kim Daljin Art Museum, editor of the monthly Seoul Art Guide, and director of the Korea Art Archive Association. He has worked in the archives of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (1981--96) and Gana Art Center (1996--2001) and served as vice chairman of the Ko..

  • Sang Ae Park Archivist

    Park earned a bachelor’s in library and information science and a master’s in political science from Yonsei University in Seoul, then added a master’s in library and information science from Pratt Institute in New York. While a project archivist at the Guggenheim Museum in the Big Apple, she worked on the archives of the museum’s first director...

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