• Oh Min Artist

    Oh Min earned a BM in piano performance at Seoul National University and a BFA in industrial design and visual design at the same school. Oh also received a MFA in graphic design from Yale University. The artist served as an artist-in-residency for the New York Artists Alliance; Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Cité International..

  • Okin Collective (Artists’ group) Artist

    Okin Collective is an artists' group, which consists of Joungmin Yi, Hwayong Kim, Shiu Jin, named after Okin Apartment complex in Jongnogu, Seoul, where in which the first group project was held. And Sindae Kang is working together as a guest artist in 2017.

    The inaugural project, ‘Okin Apartments Project’ was stemmed from a visit to ..

  • Osang Gwon Artist

    Gwon was born in Seoul in 1974 and currently works in Seoul. He earned an undergraduate degree from Hongik University’s Department of Sculpture in 2000 and a master’s degree from the same school in 2004. In 1998, he created three-dimensional sculptures using photographs for the first time, and made his artistic debut with an exhibition at Altern..

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