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Interview with Mioon

posted 05 June 2017


Mioon is a nation’s representative media artist team consisted of Kim Min and Choi Moon, suggesting the problems of crowd living in the times of network media era, the contemporary scenes of spectacle society and the individuals’ lives in such times through their photographs and media art. They presented their works at many international media institutions including ZKM of Germany and ICC of Japan. Through their solo exhibition at Kunst Museum in Germany, they started be recognized as artists who have international capacity. 

The online media exhibition ‘Mioon-Media Art’ aims to introduce Mioon’s work to international audience and art world more systematically, and the artists focus on the issues such as metropolitan human in the capitalist era and the life of individual in collectivist society in this exhibition. Here the crowd living in large cities is becoming the subject of criticism for their purposeless consumption of superficial and fetishistic metropolis illusions and uniformity of collectivization. Through the interactive media installation work that leads emotional and physical interactions about other people’s lives, the artist reveals the overflowing images in the solemn spectacle of metropolis and the crowd existing as a superficial epidermis in it. Also, they represent the desire and loss of human that live in the present time concentrating on an individual life and the social systems around them. In this way, the artists satirize the collectivist attributes in the crowd, furthermore attempts to read the constructive frame and concept of the society around the individuals in the crowd.

Written by Myung Ji BAE​

Korean Artist Project


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