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Interview with Yoo Mokyon

posted 29 Aug 2017


Yoo Mokyon 

Born in 1978 in Seoul, Korea, Yoo Mokyon studied photography for his undergraduate and graduate degrees but worked for seven years at a trading company, which had no relation to his studies. It wasn’t until 2011 that Yoo started working as an artist after participating in a workshop for up-and-coming artists held by Arko Art Center. Currently, the artist continues to work on photography while his recent works present a novel, unfamiliar objet or situation regardless of place, prompting unexpected encounters and communications. Exhibitions where he presented include Overture 2, Photography at PKM Gallery in 2011, Mokyon Pocha at Seoul Art Space Seogyo in 2013, Shared Isolation at Kumho Art Museum in 2013, and the Seoul Art Space Festival held by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture at Seoul Citizens Hall in 2013. After attaining residencies at Cheongju Art Studio in 2012 and Kumho Art Studio in 2013, since 2014 he has been working at the Artist Residency TEMI in Daejeon, Korea.    ​ 

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