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Kim Chaewon

posted 18 Oct 2017


Kim Chaewon 

Born in 1982 in Seoul, Kim graduated from Ewha Womans University with a bachelor’s and master’s in painting. She went on to earn another master’s in print media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and completed doctoral courses in Western painting at Ewha. The artist designs a space that exists only in imagination using everyday objects through the media of drawing, videos, and installation. Kim has presented her works at solo exhibitions such as 2010: Space Odyssey at Space 15th in 2010, Virtual Windows at Alternative Space Loop in 2014, Labyrinth at Alternative Space Artforum Rhee in 2011, Bijeok 비적: 秘籍 at OCI Museum of Art in 2012, and The Self-imposed Rules Project at Gallery Chosun in 2011, as well as at group exhibitions.

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