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BTS introduces global public art project : CONNECT, BTS

posted 22 Jan 2020


BTS, the pioneering global superstars from Korea, today introduce CONNECT, BTS, a series of major art projects to go on show over the coming months in five cities on four continents, open free to the public. CONNECT, BTS crosses geographical borders in a series of projects by different curators who resonated with BTS’ philosophy. It will be extensively documented online to reach a wide audience and officially launches on January 14, 2020.

In London, the Serpentine Galleries will present Catharsis, a new work by Jakob Kudsk Steensen, immersing audiences in a digital simulation of a re-imagined old-growth forest. Set up as a single continuous shot that moves from the watery underground roots to the viewpoint of the canopy, sunlight, wind, moving leaves and water all follow individual timelines and speeds, resulting in a simulated landscape where time takes new forms. This audio-visual work can be experienced at the Serpentine and anywhere around the world via a dedicated website catharsis.live.

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