Bien-U Bae

Born in Yeosu, Bae Bien-U is one of Korea’s leading photographers. Since graduating from the Department of Applied Arts at Hongik University, he has traveled the world with the firm belief that “a photograph is a picture painted with light.” During that time, he has captured Korean nature in a dazzling array of ways. In addition to his pictures captured in the Pine Tree Series, which earned him international recognition, he has worked on other series as well. This includes his Orum Series, pictures of parasitic volcanoes on Jeju Island, his Seascape Series, portraying islands and the sea around Korea’s southern coast, and his Wind Series, which captures natural landscapes stirring in the wind. He has also taken photographs of landscapes in Tahiti, New Caledonia, and Spain’s Alhambra Palace. With numerous invitational shows and exhibitions overseas, he has introduced the beauty of Korea to many around the world. After retiring from his 30-year professorship at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, he has been focusing his time on photography. At present, he is planning a large-scale show featuring his Wind Series and Seascape Series.

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