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Jeongsoo Lim

posted 21 May 2020


Jeongsoo Lim’s installation, performance and video works deal with surfaces emerging from the relationship between body movement and objects, rendered as series of scenes. She is a MFA candidate at Korea National University of Arts. She has participated in various residency programs abroad, including Kunstort ELEVEN (Germany, 2018), NCCA (Russia, 2018), ARE Holland (Netherlands, 2017) and BitamineFaktoria (Spain, 2016). Her work has been shown in a string of group exhibitions, including 《Paintings and Sculptures》 (Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul, 2018) and 《Love Story》 (Amado Art, Seoul, 2017). In 2017, Lim held her first solo exhibition 《Wall, Ground, Atmosphere》 under the sponsorship of the Kim Chong Young Art museum.

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