TheArtro is an Online platform offered in English specializing in international exchanges related to contemporary Korean art. It is part of a joint project to establish a global platform for Korean art by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Arts Management Service, aiming to improve the competitiveness and overseas promotion of contemporary Korean art.


  • • Engaging productive and professional discussions by providing information about the latest issues, exhibitions, and interviews with people involved in the world of   contemporary Korean art
  • • Realizing international exchanges and improving the abilities of artists by providing practical knowhow and the necessary information for international exchanges   between people working in the field of art
  • • Supporting communication and networking opportunities between professional visual artists, academic circles, and related organizations in Korea and overseas


  • Features Finding in-depth reporting and criticism on the Korean contemporary art
  • What’s On Browsing the latest contemporary art news, opportunities and exhibition information in Korea and overseas
  • People Providing Korean visual art professional resources including interviews, researches and people index
  • Video Showing interview videos with working artists and art professionals
  • Archive Archive of researches and publication on the Korean Art


  • • Published by Korea Arts Management Service
  • • Supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • • Planning, editing, management : Visual Arts Planning Int'l Relations Div., Korea Arts Management Service
  • PublisherKim, Sun Young
  • ManagerShim, Jieon
  • Editors Kim, Sooyoung  |  Hana Yun
  • The 1st Planning Committee Members
    • Kim In-seonSenior Planning Advisor / Director, space Willing N Dealing
    • Seo Jin-seok Planning Advisor/ Director, Alternative Space Loop
    • Baek Ki-youngPlanning Advisor/ Manager, Curatorial Team, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
    • Oh Sae-wonPlanning Advisor/ Manager, Exhibition Operation Division, Korea Craft & Design Foundation
  • The 2nd Planning committee Members
    • Lee Dae-bum Senior Panning Advisor / Art critic, Curator
  • The 3rd Planning committee Members
    • Park Nam-heePlanning Advisor / Director, Cheongju International Craft Biennale
    • Joo HennaPlanning Advisor / Executive director
    • Arario Gallery
    • Judith StainesInternational Planning Advisor / Chief Editor,, Asia-Europe Foundation(ASEF)