TheArtro is an Online platform offered in English specializing in international exchanges related to contemporary Korean art. It is part of a joint project to establish a global platform for Korean art by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Arts Management Service, aiming to improve the competitiveness and overseas promotion of contemporary Korean art.

  • Aiming towards becoming a major portal of English information on Korean arts
  • Engaging productive and professional discussions by providing information about the latest issues, exhibitions, and interviews with people involved in the world of contemporary Korean art
  • Providing guides to researchers in Korean contemporary art, mainly Korean art archives and databases
  • Supporting communication and networking opportunities between professional visual artists, academic circles, and related organizations in Korea and overseas
  • Features Finding in-depth reporting and criticism on the Korean contemporary art
  • What’s On Browsing the latest contemporary art news, opportunities and exhibition information in Korea and overseas
  • People Providing Korean visual art professional resources including interviews, researches and people index
  • Video Showing interview videos with working artists and art professionals
  • Archive Archive of researches and publication on the Korean Art
  • Published by Korea Arts Management Service
  • Supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Planning, editing, management : Visual Arts Information Team., Korea Arts Management Service
  • PublisherMoon, Young Ho KAMS President
  • ManagerDirector  Shim, Jieon
  • EditorsTheArtro Project Manager 

TheArtro collects and spreads Korean art content through affiliation and cooperation with domestic and overseas media and institutions.


TheArtro co-publishes Korean art special issues with media partners.

  • 2015 : Korea Contemporary art now, DEC Issue 2015 Artlink Australia
  • 2016 : Dossier on Korean Art, Oct 2016 no.437
    Biennales in Korea, Special Supplement, Sep/Oct 2016
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