• Alessio Cavallaro Curator

    Alessio Cavallaro was born in Italy, lives and works in Sydney, Australia, as an independent artistic director, curator and producer of innovative media arts. Most recently, as Director of ReelDanc..

  • Cosmin Costinas Curator

    Originally from Romania, Cosmin Costinas is director of Para/site in Hong Kong. His previous titles have included curator of BAK in the Netherlands, co-director of the 2010 Ural Industrial Biennial..

  • Yeonjin Chung Curator

    Receiving a bachelor’s in economics from California State University and a master’s in arts from Hongik University, Chung worked as a curator at Posco Art Museum from 2011 through 2015 and for Trav..

  • Seon Ryeong Cho Curator

    An art theorist and curator, Cho is also a professor at Pusan National University Department of Art Culture and Image. She received a BA, MA, and PhD in art studies from Hongik University. After se..

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