• Doyeon Gwon Artist

    Doyeon Gwon studied literature and photography at school. His photography is concerned with exploring the relationship between knowledge and memory, the visual image, and language. His work include..

  • Guem MinJeong Artist

    Guem MinJeong handles space as a subject matter. She identifies a space from the places and objects she perceived, communicated with and experienced, and creates a new space before her audience by ..

  • Sari Go Artist

    Sari Go is interested in the relationship between objects and space that have been neglected, keeping working on revealing things that are invisible but exist. Her intention is to try to confront t..

  • Gim Ikhyun Artist

    Born in 1985 in Seoul, Korea, Gim Ikhyun studied Photography and Media Art at Sangmyung University. His major works include 《Distance, Depth》 (2010–2016), which explores monuments in Korea, 《Link P..

  • Osang Gwon Artist

    Gwon was born in Seoul in 1974 and currently works in Seoul. He earned an undergraduate degree from Hongik University’s Department of Sculpture in 2000 and a master’s degree from the same school in..

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