• Jaiyoung Cho Artist

    Jaiyoung Cho's work begins with an interest in the way we cognize. Each person's different ways of cognition create their own reality. This is why the question of how we recognize precedes the ques..

  • Juree Kim Artist

    Juree Kim is working on shaping the cycle of matter and the temporal experience of staying temporarily in it by capturing the metaphor of life and death that occurs in the process of the interrelat..

  • Jungpyo HONG Artist

    He has become famous for his sculptural works using resin and molding techniques, which can be called "three-dimensional copies," but in recent years his repertoire has become broader, with more at..

  • Jung, Jae-chul Artist

    Artist Statement
    Nobody can live alone. We all interact with someone in some way. Whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, or even just a supermarket owner in the neighborhoo..

  • Nam Jinu Artist
  • Hyunsun Jeon Artist

    The world around us appears differently depending on the perspective and point of view. Hyunsun Jeon have been observing the subject which is unfixed and constantly changing. Since the information ..

  • Jihyun Jung Artist
  • Jongwan Jang Artist

    Born in Busan 1983, and majored in painting. He has been based in Seoul since graduation, working on various projects. Although painting is his main medium, he continues to combine painting with ot..

  • JEONG Ji Won Artist

    JEONG Ji Won's work is expression of personal unpleasant feelings from social relationship. Moments from unreliable sources are expressed by the moon while unknowably tangled and remained as trauma..

  • EunHye Jung Artist

    EunHye Jung believes that the animals bred for consumption are the most mistreated creature in the current era. Jung embody these animals in her art with ceramics to show that they are live creatur..

  • Bokyung Jun Artist

    Bokyung Jun uses various medium such as photography, installation and video. The artist crosses over the dichotomic definition of art and non-art by visualizing the non-artists’ bodies and memories..

  • Sungyoon Jung Artist

    '... Painting is a matter of subtraction. Noises of reality are removed, and the selected takes place in a frame, following a new set of rules. With the purpose of materialising the unseen world, t..

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