• Hannah Woo Artist

    I practice my work thinking of certain people who are unknow yet resemble me and try to find how my work can resonate with them. In my mind, these people are individuals living in the city with anx..

  • Eun Jin Wang Artist

    Eun Jin Wang is an artist from Seoul, South Korea, who is interested in creating installation work with ordinary materials found in our daily life. Through her process, Wang explores and rethinks t..

  • Won Seoyeoung Artist

    Won studied photography at Seoul Institute of the Arts and Sangmyung University in Korea, along with media at the Slade School of Fine Arts of University College London. The artist says he is fasci..

  • Woo Jeongsu Artist

    Woo Jeongsu graduated from Korea National University of Arts with a BFA and MFA in visual arts. Woo illuminates the other side of a society and its contradictions by borrowing images of various sub..

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