• Soyo Lee Artist

    Soyo Lee is a visual artist working in the theme of natural history and life sciences in the modern transitional period in Korea. Soyo is a PhD in Electronic Art from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institu..

  • LEE Jungwoo Artist

    LEE Jungwoo majored in stage design in undergrad, worked as a pre-production designer from 2004 to 2009, and moved to Germany in 2010 where the artist received his diploma in video art and Meisters..

  • Lee Mijung Artist

    Lee Mijung (b. 1988) transforms her everyday observations of normative values and common aesthetics into pictorial objects. She both reproduces and betrays the contemporary through “stage-scenes” c..

  • Lee Eunhee Artist

    Born in 1990, South Korea

  • Byungsu Lee Artist

    Artist Byungsu Lee has been exploring how to experience and represent places in a digital media environment through moving images, 3D animation, and VR. He is interested in uncertain and undefined ..

  • Minha Lee Artist

    Based on her persistent interest in human beings, she is working with media such as video and installation to reveal the structure in which humanness is lost in modern society. Starting from ‘the s..

  • Eunu Lee Artist
  • Sojung Lee Artist

    Sojung Lee (born in Jeju, 1979) studied at Ewha Woman’s University and graduated with an MFA from Seoul National University. She had selected solo exhibitions at P21, Seoul (2021); Gallery2, Seoul ..

  • Lee Sojung Artist

    Lee Sojung produce artwork to reflect reality through a role-play called exhibition. In particular, attention is paid to the 'field' where ' objects' are placed. Mainly, sculptures have been instal..

  • Heejoon Lee Artist

    Heejoon Lee pays attention to the aesthetics of design pervading in various locations within the scenery surrounding our lives. He cautiously examines the proportions, balance, and colors of his su..

  • Choonghyun Lee Artist

    Choonghyun Lee focuses on the subject of reproduction of sculpture. He is interested in images and objects that ar called sculptural and sculptural things in the contemporary media. He observes the..

  • Changkon Lim Artist

    Changkon Lim wants to find the thing that normally gets hidden and erased. Lim incites the audience to look at "something" trivial, something that doesn't matter whether it exists or not. Lim hopes..

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